The massive change and development of our country in the last decade has accelerated its pace with the public approval of the Presidential System of Government on April 16, 2017. Aiming to sustain political stability, a new era, built on strong foundations, began on June 24, 2018. This new concept of administration is a stable, solution-oriented one that yields results, accelerates decision-making mechanisms and prioritizes effective coordination. It has paved the way for Türkiye to make a breakthrough in every field.

Acting with a rapid, innovative and transparent working philosophy under the leadership of our President, 16 ministries, 9 policy boards, 8 directorates and 4 offices today constitute the units of an administrative mechanism in compliance with democratic principles. Directorate of Communications, one of the eight organizations directly affiliated to the Presidency, is at the heart of national and global narrative, consensus, insight and interpretation.

International statements tangled in the chains of slogans for years, unilateral message traffic dominating the global communication network, entrenched and superficial viewpoints, and the theses in the arena of world politics which have notably moved away from humanitarian policies show that communication is the only tool that can change and transform the current situation and pave the way for building a new one, leaving behind the existent. In this regard, we believe in the power of a holistic communication strategy for the real narrative, perception and recognition of New Türkiye that stands on its own feet and has a say in the region and in the world. We attach a great deal of importance to the qualified representation of our country, breakthroughs, values and esteemed civilization in every field with all our organizations and agencies. We are planning our efforts in an inclusive frame and with a focus on dynamism.

Compliance with digital transformation processes is another point we concentrate on in our working area and forms the basis of our goal “to expand the framework of effective communication between the nation and the state based on technology”. We are aiming to pave the way for communication processes serving for a shared wisdom through which every single person in this country can be heard and physical distances can be eliminated.

We stay in touch with local, national and international media outlets and press members on several counts. We do not only consider it important to increase the number of qualified publications in Türkiye, but also initiated necessary efforts to support them.

We believe that our goals can only be achieved in an inclusive process within the limits of sincerity. We call out “to empower the Türkiye brand altogether” with all agencies, organizations and individuals that we will come into contact at every corner of our broad communication map.

Prof. Fahrettin ALTUN

The Republic of Türkiye Director of Communications