About DoC

Directorate of Communications (DoC), founded and begun to serve as per Presidential Decree no.14 published on the Official Gazette dated 24 July 2018 and no. 30488, is among the brand-new institutions of Türkiye.

Setting off with an aim to ‘empower the Türkiye brand’, Directorate of Communications maintains coordinated efforts of communication with all agencies of the state adopting a holistic communication strategy, and works in cooperation with other agencies and organizations that add value to our country.

One of the DoC’s main fields of activity is to make efforts for perception, narration and adding meaning and value at national and international platforms, with an awareness to maintain communication, which is at the heart of existence, on a realistic, sustainable and sound basis. Türkiye’s qualified representation, which needs to be considered within this context, is of vital importance for our country that takes firm steps towards 2023 goals. Therefore, DoC prioritizes services enhancing the power of representation at individual and corporate level, which will provide a momentum for ‘New Türkiye’ to advance and be understood.

The assurance of efficient and qualified state-nation relations for the resolution of the questions and problems of every citizen, who are the indispensable component of our country, expresses our Directorate’s another important area of responsibility. Not only the question and problem solving, but also the context of communication, which includes the sharing of ideas and opinions, is the main vein of this flow among our responsibilities.

Local, national and international media are related to our Directorate in many aspects; work areas intersect. Close follow-up of international media and think tanks, evaluation, analysis, reporting and dissemination of the outputs, routine procedures such as press card and accreditation and development of these processes; are carried out by our Directorate as well as the training of professional members, improvement of working conditions and increasing the educational, instructional and stimulating contents of the mass media.

It should be noted that our main principles involve performing joint work with many organizations such as public institutions, national and international media, business world, non-governmental organizations, academia and think-tanks under the effective management of the above-mentioned areas and all other activities in line with the principle of being in the field and advancing in the field.

The Republic of Türkiye Directorate of Communications